Meet The Speakers: Charlotte Spencer

October 2, 2016 - 2 minutes read

Meet The Speakers: Charlotte Spencer

CLSxEurope will be taking place in exactly two weeks! All of our preparations are well underway and we are really excited about welcoming you all to explore our theme with us, through unconference sessions and fantastic keynote speeches.

Blank and White Image of Speaker Charlotte SpencerThe second speaker we are introducing isĀ Charlotte Spencer. Charlotte builds accessible software and welcoming communities. Their goal is to make the web a more accessible place both in terms of technology and of culture.

At CLSxEurope on October 16th, Charlotte will speak to us about “Open Open Source”.

Although the word is in the name, Open Source is not always very open. When we look at the most well known contributors to Open Source, we see that they have resources that others may not. Resources such as time, energy, a decent internet connection, little experience of harassment and support from a workplace, or just a job at all.

This is not a talk where you will get the golden solution to making your Open Source project a magical fun place with boundless diversity of people and experiences. It is however, a talk about some of the things we can do to make Open Source (and by association, the industry at large) a more approachable and inclusive place.

Contributing to Open Source is an investment; when we ask others to do it, we ask them to give up their time for us. As maintainers and contributors, it is our job to make the experience enjoyable and worth the effort.

As well as their day job, Charlotte is a core contributor of Hoodie, and is the founder of Your First PR.

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