CLSxEurope 2016 – Meet The Speakers: J. Manrique Lopez

September 27, 2016 - 1 minute read


The Community Leadership Summit Europe on, Sunday, October 16, has three keynotes speakers before we go into the session part. We would love to introduce you to Jose Manrique Lopez. 

J. Manrique Lopez works as business and marketing developer in Bitergia, helping companies and organizations working on Open Source and Inner Source Software projects to manage and understand software development processes, their communities and their key performance factors.

Talk Description:

It has been said a lot: “Software is eating the World”. But more important than how worldwide has software become is how “software related” communities are appearing and growing all around the world. Just take a look into Meetup or StackOverflow.. People from almost everywhere are meeting, discussing, creating, .. becoming communities.

Meetup and StackOverflow are just two simple examples of how communities expand beyond physical borders/restrictions, and their knowledge can spread worldwide. Communities don’t know about borders.

Many communities share same interests worldwide (JS people, makers, Linux fans, etc.). Companies and organizations have started to take care of these communities, because they spread their “brand” or “values”, so how they can manage these worldwide communities?

The talk will show brief examples of how communities, organizations and companies can take advantage of data analysis to know/measure what’s going on in their groups.