8:30 Doors Open, Coffee/Tea, Socialising
9:30 Welcome by organisational team - Nina Kim, Shelly Coen and ben van 't ende
10:00 3 keynotes each 20 minutes
11:00 Session Scheduling
11:45 Lunch - Not provided, but will have options at the registration desk
13:00 Sessions
14:00 Sessions
15:00 Break and Group Photo
15:30 Sessions
16:30 Sessions
17: 30 Wrap-Up Session
18:00 Close

CLSxEurope - before OSCON
The European Community Leadership Summit 2016 is the Sunday before OSCON in the same venue.


On Sunday October 16 the Community Leadership Summit Europe will take place for the first time. The 'official' community leadership summit  is traditionally organised together with OSCON or to be more precise prior to OSCON, this year being the sixth time. The first five CLS's were in Portland. Because of it's combination with OSCON, CLS attracts community leaders from many of the bigger open source projects that have a presence at OSCON as well.

I love the diversity of these events.

A few years ago the idea of a regional CLS, also called CLSx was born. The San Francisco based CLS West was the first. There have been a number of CLSx's (CLSxMadrid, CLSxPortland and a few others I can't bring to the surface) until now, but the idea of doing a 'larger' CLS in Europe kept popping up.

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Community Knows No Borders
Limitless collaboration, borderless communication

This year we wiil tie a theme to CLSxEurope that fits to the location and the times we live in. Despite the fact we see huge improvements on the one hand it seems these values trickle through the fingers of our other hand like loose sand. As a theme we have: "Community Knows No Border".

We aim for a few 15 minute keynotes that will be based on this theme. The organisation is already in touch with several people and organisations to get the awesome speakers in. For the sessions during the rest of the day the theme might serve as an inspiration.

See you at CLSxEurope.

Meet Leading Minds

Many of the leading minds in community management, leadership and online collaboration will be together in the same room to discuss and share ideas together.

Scheduled Talks

To compliment the open nature of the event, a selection of scheduled presentations will be timetabled to add more content and topics. This will be done in a hour section.

Build Skills and Knowledge

The open summit nature of the event means that a diverse and wide-ranging set of topics will be discussed, debated and explored. You set the agenda.

Diverse Participation

We will have a diverse range of participants from different fields, backgrounds and experience who will be joining us at the summit..


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